Please follow the directions below and answer all of the questions listed. Thank you 1. Watch the two Documentaries on Commedia dell’Arte (comedy of art) from TheNational Theatre in London. The lin2022-05-17 Answers

Please follow the directions below and answer all of the questions listed. Thank you1.   Watch the two Documentaries on Commedia dell’Arte (comedy of art) from TheNational Theatre in London. The links are below:Background/Workshop conducted by Didi Hopkins Review, several times, the above documentaries on Commedia dell’arte and take notes (to be used as background in your final exam project)Masks in 19th Century Opera/Modern day films Pagliacci (1892) -grand opera by Ruggero Leoncavallo (1857 – 1919)“verismo” (reality opera)I have given you the link to the Franco Zeffirelli film version of the entire opera Pagliacci (by Ruggero Leoncavallo) for you to watch: the final scene of Pagliacci below:final scene of Pagliacci (play within a play: fantasy vs. reality;) commedia dell’arte: Who are the commedia characters in this final scene? Refer back to the second documentary and look at the diagram of characters.Read the libretto (translation) for Pagliacci and listen to the following:1.   Vesti la giubba (Placido Domingo) Aria: solo monologue this AriaThe character Canio has just witnessed his wife having an affair with a younger man, Silvio.  He is getting ready to go on stage with his wife to play the comedy, and his heart is broken. As he puts on his clown face makeup, he sings this famous monologue (Aria) Vesti La Guibba/Ridi Pagliacci”Answer the following questions: What is he singing about? What emotions are portrayed here. Who is privy to these emotions?Now watch the final scene (the actual commedia)With Luciano Pavarotti playing the The Clown and Teresa Stratas playing Columbina.  Read the translation from the Libretto or book. comments from the Early Greek Tragedy documentary below about ‘good people make bad decisions. ‘We live in a flawed society.’ 2:Watch the movie Joker (with Joaquin Phoenix) Pay attention to the clip below of the Murray Franklin Show:Arthur Fleck tells Murray that he killed the three subway riders. 3:  Compare the character of both Canio and Arthur Fleck. What are their differences and similarities?Make sure you watch the entire Opera and film.

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