Poetry Entry #5: Your Choice Directions: Underline or highlight the prompt you are responding to. For each prompt, there are specific directions and questions to answer. Find those questions on this h

Poetry Entry #5: Your ChoiceDirections: Underline or highlight the prompt you are responding to. For each prompt, there are specific directions and questions to answer. Find those questions on this handout and make sure you have answered the question for your prompt. At the VERY end of the handout, you will find the box to insert/copy your poem.Prompt Options: Remember you can only choose these one time. Once you have used a prompt then you must choose another one for other entries. 2. Write your own sonnet (don’t forget all the elements of a sonnet – quatrain, octave, sestet, couplet, line requirement).How many lines is this poem?What rhyme scheme did you use?3. Write an Ode (Don’t forget the title indicates the subject of the ode. Make sure you address your subject or person in your ode, minimum of three stanzas, six lines per stanza, any kind of rhyme scheme)What is the subject of your ode, and does the title of your ode indicate the subject?You must use the literary device apostrophe to address someone or something that cannot respond. Who or what are you addressing that cannot respond?Do you have three or more stanzas? How many lines per stanza?What rhyme scheme did you use for your stanzas?4.Write 4 Haiku poems (Make sure you have appropriate syllables per line. You must write four Haiku to get credit for this option)A Haiku has three lines, and it should have 5 syllables on the first line, 7 on the second, and 5 on the third. For each Haiku, list the syllables per line.First Line Syllable #Second Line Syllable #Third Line Syllable #First HaikuSecond HaikuThird HaikuFourth Haiku5. Write your own poem which uses a minimum of 3 of the poetic devices – allusion, alliteration, assonance, simile, symbol, metaphor, and personification – and has a minimum of 18 lines.What are the three poetic devices you have used in the poem? Quote your own poem in the column to the right, so I can see which line you think has the device.DevicesLine from poem How many lines does your poem have?6.  Write one poem from the poetry writing packet. This packet is online in Google Classroom in the section Poetry Information.Which poem from the packet did you choose to write? From your reading of the packet, what were the main rules you needed to follow?7. Write one poem modeled after a favorite poem. Min. 12 lines. The title of this poem should be “Modeled after (Name of Original Poem): Your Title”Copy the poem you modeled your own after.How many lines is your poem?8. Write a dramatic monologue with at least 18 lines. You must reveal the speaker of the poem through their actions and thoughts.Who is the speaker of your poem?How many lines is your dramatic monologue?9. Write an elegy with at least 18 lines. Make sure the tone is appropriate. Who or what does your elegy mourn?How many lines is your poem?What is the tone of your poem?FINALLY, COPY / INSERT YOUR ORIGINAL POEM IN THE BOX BELOW.

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