prepare and submit a paper on common symptoms and causes of depression and coping mechanisms.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on common symptoms and causes of depression and coping mechanisms. Depression is regarded as a long-lasting state in which one is mentally unfit or suffers a mental disorder. There are more than 100 million people around the world who suffer from accelerated depression (Gilbert 3). In addition, it is critical to examine depression due to the fact that it is the primary reason for suicide (Torpy et al 1). As a means of understanding depression to a greater extent, this brief analysis will discuss some of the determinants and different types of the exhibition of depression within society as well as some of the most common and least understood causes of depression.

Examining the three following principles is vital to assess depression scientifically: the techniques of determining depression among people, the biological and social causes and risk factors, and methods that patients employ in order to deal with depression. Mental health specialists often diagnose major depression in a patient by acknowledging the symptoms that affect the patient’s life. nevertheless, medical technology and developments in medical devices have created a new technique to diagnose depression. In addition to such diagnosis, professionals analyze biological factors such as genes, gender, and chemicals that can lead to depression, as well as looking at social factors, such as financial problems, loneliness, traumatic experiences, and other social statuses, which could lead to depression. Moreover, learning how patients should deal with depression is an important aspect. A closer look at the symptoms of depression can produce a clear image of how mental health specialists determine depression patients among others.

Mental health specialists diagnose depression by identifying the symptoms that are disturbing patients’ lives. Nevertheless, medical technology today might assist mental health specialists to recognize depression in patients. According to Miller and Reynolds, “Mental health specialists have agreed on the following standardized definition of major depression: symptoms persist for two weeks or longer, either a depressed mood or an inability to enjoy life is present and any four of the following seven criteria must also be present” (4). these seven criteria are symptoms of depression. Change in sleeping and eating habits are the first and second symptoms of depression. for example, depression patients might suffer from insomnia and sleeping without rest, although some patients may oversleep (Miller and Reynolds 4).&nbsp.

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