prepare and submit a paper on how does school affect the behavior of the children(6years-12years).

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on how does school affect the behavior of the children(6years-12years). It has aptly been stated that school serves as one of the primary institutions of society, which plays dynamic role in the upbringing and socialization of the young individuals by providing them with an environment that offers systematic coaching and teaching under the professional teaching and administrative staff. In addition, the adolescents learn how to act, react and behave while entering into interaction with other members of society, from their educational institutions, by presenting themselves as the dutiful, conscientious and responsible individuals before other members of society. Moreover, it is school that provides the young students with the opportunities of obtaining education and skill under different situations of competition and co-operation with their class-mates and school-mates. Thus, the school teaches the young minds the mannerism, discipline and punctuality in such a way that they could turn out to be the effective, proficient and responsible members of society for the future years to come.

Since school is the first place where the adolescents are granted the chances of obtaining socialization in a formal way, its significance even surpasses the institution of family to some extent due to the very reality that the children are brought up in an informal manner in family, where there are no such restrictions, regularities and punctualities in per the rules and regulations introduced and observed by schools. It is particularly the case with the children belonging to the age group from six to twelve years due to the very reality this age group is regarded to be the most fertile one in respect of learning new things and remembering the same for long time. Since the children’s minds are like a clean slate at this age, every new thing leaves indelible impact on the raw and fresh minds.

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