prepare and submit a paper on how toyota motor corporation has become the largest automobile manufacturer.

The guiding policy of Toyota company has been the production of the best quality vehicles at the lowest possible cost and in the safest environment. The company has expanded to other countries including the USA where it has created a firm base in vehicle production. Over the last decade, they have experienced rapid growth and diversification in the USA market in an attempt to increase their scope and quality.

In the USA, the automotive sector is very competitive with companies like Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Dodge, Jeep, and Hummer all competing against each other. With such companies in the industry, Toyota has had to employ superb marketing strategies in order to maintain and increase its customers. They have also consistently improved the quality of vehicles they produce with major improvements in the body shape, speed, and luxury. Their improvements in the quality of vehicles have earned them customer loyalty that has ensured that the companies’ sales continually increase.

The management of the Toyota Company has employed different marketing strategies in order to overcome the stiff competition in the USA. Toyota has designed implementation and control programs that are aimed at increasing the acceptability of its products in the USA market. Its competitors have produced vehicles of similar quality like theirs but social marketing has done a great deal in ensuring they maintain their customers. The company has involved itself in community work, which has made the public appreciate the company and thus purchases their products while in need. Toyota has been at the forefront in environmental management and has organized cleanings exercises in cities such as New York and Michigan an act that publicizes them more and makes the pubic accept them more. Increasing the social acceptability has helped them gain a competitive advantage over their competitors and thus thrives in the USA market.

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