prepare and submit a paper on mixed method research.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on mixed method research. Running Head: MIXED METHOD RESEARCH Mixed method research Mixed method research Mixed method research is also known as multi-methodology research which integrates several approaches of conducting professional research for instance it emphasizes on systematic collection and analysis of both qualitative and qualitative data (Teddlie & Onwuegbuzie, 2003, p 379). The mixed method technique of research embodies single approach designs which is basically a research technique based on analyzing qualitative and quantitative data thus it assures the researcher of quality. Secondly, there is the mixed approach design which separates research approaches and research strategies. In research, a strategy is a definite procedure that can be undertaken to achieve a specific research objective. The mixing of qualitative and quantitative methods of research has been slowly gaining popularity among methodologists and nowadays it is associated with methodological triangulation. This method is vital in conducting an elucidative research where a lot of facts need to be set right.

The mixed method research technique is desirable and reliable when it comes to collecting of psychological data. Its desirability is based on such factors as it is expansive therefore it breaks the barrier of limitation on the subjects to be covered by a researcher. The end result is that a lot of data is collected about the same topic or subject but from different paradigms. Therefore, it is worth acknowledging that mixed method research could be instrumental in expressing the holistic perspective that is so much needed in psychological studies. In addition to being expansive in subject coverage, mixed method research is desirable as a technique since it brings out various levels of a social research for example, cognitive, social and biological. Applying more than one level of research will go a long way into creating a clearer picture of the psychological field and provide more adequate explanation of circumstances.

Secondly, apart from being desirable, mixed method technique admirable because it is feasible. This does not mean that the technique does not have flaws. Some research techniques hardly work together but a researcher needs to understand differences likely to be portrayed by each and every technique. In terms of feasibility, culture affects most of the researcher’s views and analyses. This means that cognitive skills are a must for any researcher who intends to use the mixed method research methodology. The user needs to be logical in thinking, irrational and understanding both qualitative and quantitative research which comes in handy in collecting complete data. There are also computer software programs that will assist a researcher who intends to employ the mixed method research. Among the commonly used software programs is dedoose which is an application that uses the internet to conduct qualitative and mixed method analysis research.

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Mixed method research is a statistical discipline that is applicable in other fields especially those that deal with data collection. Psychology is not an exception when it comes to applying this research methodology since the information collected is essential in analyzing customer satisfaction or the quality of services provided to patients. Data collection and analysis skills are essential in using this technique. After collection, data interpretation skills come in handy. Data interpretation goes hand in hand with data validation which helps a researcher to provide a defensive interpretation of the data collected. Other skills include sampling which helps the researcher in using a portion of the whole population to make a conclusive analysis. Finally, mixed method research relates to social change in that by conducting a research on such social aspects as healthcare and customer satisfaction, the society benefits at large from improved services and social awareness created by the research. In the long run the quality of a research equates it to social change.


Teddlie, C., & Onwuegbuzie, A.J. (2003). A framework for analyzing data in mixed methods research: Handbook of mixed methods in social and behavioral research. Sage Press: Thousand Oaks. (pp. 351-383).

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