prepare and submit a paper on sexuality and human rights.

These are an ideology that may be common and acceptable in such parts of the world, but when one goes to another, it becomes unacceptable and taboo.

In recent years, the “monopoly” of this sexual orientation has been put into question. Governments, non-governmental organizations, human rights agencies, and concerned individuals have come to light with their own valid reasons and intentions with an attempt to advocate sexual freedom to everyone regardless of race, religion, age, or even gender. In a publication, Miller M. (2009). International Council for Human Rights Policy, the research endeavors to link human rights to sexuality and thus comes in advocating for individual rights even though underlining the fundamental essence to maintain boundaries. Sexuality is considered as part of human rights thus subjects are left with the power to choose their sexuality. Thus whether to become gay, a lesbian, prostitute, or maintain opposite-sex marriage, is something that should be left to individuals to make a choice.

To some worlds, societies, cultures, races, religions, and governments, however, this has not gone down well with them. Many have come out strongly condemning this sudden appetite for defending human rights and freedoms. Many of them point at the values, virtues, and purity of the human race that was held by our predecessors in the name of forefathers.

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Thus the significance of global sexual politics and its contribution to the modern way of international integration derived from the exchange of views, ideas, products, and aspects of culture cannot be overlooked.

Global sexual politics is important because t provides an avenue to for governments, religions and individuals to air and exercise their point of view. This is used as a platform to air the ideologies that a government holds towards its citizens. In this case, different governments are able to understand their citizens and thus help in the formulation of laws and act as an important guide towards policy making and implementation. It provides an avenue for governments to get in touch with the characteristics of their population as regards the feedback and reception of the government’s view about sexuality.

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