prepare and submit a term paper on Analysis of the ERP Solutions of Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Analysis of the ERP Solutions of Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. Information technology is restructuring the method of management, offering efficient innovative facilities to assist management plan, systematize, direct, and organize. For example, it is at the present potential for the management to get hold of information on organizational performance down to the intensity of definite transactions from around anywhere in the organization at any time. Product managers at Frito-Lay Corporation which is a huge organization in the world for manufacturing salty snack food can identify within hours accurately the number of bags of Fritos that have been sold on any street in America at its customers’ stores, as well as the total cost, and what the competition’s sales volumes and prices are (Kenneth 1999, p.22). Many organizations at the moment make use of information technology for enterprise resource planning. Enterprise resource planning is a business management method that incorporates all elements of the business, together with scheduling, manufacturing, sales, and funding so that they can turn out to be more strongly coordinated by sharing information (Kenneth 1999, p.22). ERP software forms and automates numerous fundamental activities, for instance filling an order or forecasting a shipment, with the purpose of incorporating information athwart the organization and reducing multifaceted, exclusive associations between computer systems in diverse divisions of the business (Kenneth 1999, p.22).

All the organizations gather, produce, as well as store huge amounts of data. In majority organizations, information is spread throughout dozens or yet hundreds of detached commercial computer systems, every house in a unit task, company unit, area, plant, or office. ERP or Enterprise resource planning put together the sections of information to carry decision-making (Liang et al, 2007). Enterprise resource planning systems are built-in. venture wide-ranging systems that automate foundation business actions like that developed, human capital, investment, and SCM (supply chain management)(Liang et al, 2007).

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