prepare and submit a term paper on Covenants of the Old Testament. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Covenants of the Old Testament. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. For a conditional covenant failure by either party to keep their promise leads to the break of it. In the unconditional promise, only one party has to fulfill certain obligations. Examples of covenants in the Bible include Abrahamic, Noahic, Mosaic, Davidic and the new covenant. The paper gives an intrinsic analysis of the various covenants and their significance in the Old Testament.

Abrahamic covenant did not have conditions to be fulfilled by Abraham. The book of Genesis (12: 1-3 New International Version) outlines the beginning of the covenant between God and Abraham. God told Abraham to move from his father’s house in his country to a land that He will show him. He promises that He will bless and make him a great generation. God will bless those who bless Abraham and curse the enemies. God showed Abraham the extent of the land He will give him (Gen 13: 14-18 New International Version). Abraham built an altar in the land as an honor to God. Apart from the land, God promised Abraham, a great population of descendants. Great kings would emerge from his generation, a fact that is evident in the Davidic Covenant. God promised blessings and redemptions to Abraham’s generation irrespective of their conduct confirming the unconditional nature of the covenant. As a sign of adhering to the covenant, all the male descendants of Abraham were to undergo circumcision (Gen 17: 10 New International Version).

The Abrahamic covenant is essential to the Christian Community. It gives an outline of God’s plan for His people making the covenant a basis for the teachings of Christianity. The covenant forms the key to the Scriptures available in the old and new testaments that govern the redemption process. For a Christian to have a comprehension of the scriptures, the covenant is foundational (Couch, 2008). The other covenants in the Bible are outworking of the Abrahamic covenant. The three promises of land, seeds and blessings are literal in their meaning. Today, the teachings of Christianity revolve around receiving God’s blessings by adhering to the teachings of the Bible.

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The second covenant in the Bible is one that God made with Noah after the destruction of the earth by floods.

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