prepare and submit a term paper on Foodmaster. Your paper should be a minimum of 3000 words in length.

The case study tries to analyze the issues faced by the company at the first instance. The company had experienced high growth in bossiness until 2007, when its sales has fallen from 60$ million to 48 million. Due to fall in sales, the profit of the company was also found to fall from 25$ million (2006) to 18 $ million (2007). The context of the case study will analyze the issues faced by the company after implicitly detailing about its internal and external business environment. In the latter half, the case study will enumerate some strategies and fallacies of marketing with the help of which the company would be able to overcome the challenges of its business and prosper amidst all competition in the long run.

The Foodmaster Company was founded by a group of young businessmen in 1995. The company engages in providing dairy products and is based from Kazakhstan. Its founders critically analyzed that until 1995, diary product availability was limited in the country and products like yogurt was just not domestically produced in its market. In a country where dairy farming was traditionally and widely practiced, such scarcity of diary product production only signified that the segment was not exploited for commercial purpose. Hence, the inception of the company with dairy business was primarily undertaken to tap the unexploited dairy market in its domestic economy for the first instance. The company’s diary factor shop in the town of Issyk was the first yogurt producing factory of the country. Overtime, the company has significantly expanded its scale and scope of business operations. At present it owns 2 dairy farms, 4 factories and 16 retailing branches. It has now owned the prestige of being the biggest dairy product producing company in Kazakhstan. The company produces a wide range of diversified dairy products to meet the requirements local demands of its domestic markets.

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