prepare and submit a term paper on PERFORMANCE #4: RED SPEEDO. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on PERFORMANCE #4: RED SPEEDO. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. PERFORMANCE #4: RED SPEEDO Watching Red Speedo was a moment to cherish and I could tell that the show would beinteresting from the time I joined the audience. My instincts never lied as it was one of the best shows I have ever attended. Part of the ‘pool’ the designer integrated with real water as well as underwater lighting, was visible making an awesome scene. The other parts of the set appeared very clean and complete, creating a real sight of indoor swimming place. From the left part of the centre, I could see the unfinished backstage, which seemed to thwart the good work done on the set. However, this disappeared as soon as the performance kicked off. Everything about the show, including technical aspects and echo effects, was done to perfection. Chris Colucci’s expert design contained the echo throughout the performance, dispelling the feeling I ad that the echo would irritate me.

I must admit that the cast of four actors throughout the performance was really captivating. It presented how people behave and act in an appalling manner in the sight of money. Peter, the attorney, is convinced he can maneuver his way out of all ethical challenges. The show was brought close to realty by flawless use of physical effects, for example, the time when blood appears on Ray’s head and when he vomits on stage knitted the show more to realty. The fight choreography was a perfect connection with reality, particularly the punches.

However, I never enjoyed the whole show without some distraction. The theatre was extremely hot and this might have made me fall asleep if the show was to continue a little bit longer. Theatre exile is an inadequate space that requires more ventilation to curb the problem of overheating in the room. I was amazed by the fact that Red Speedo has no intermission and is a continuous show. Contrary to my thinking, the show was relatively shorter and all that I expected to happen never came true, for example, it was my imagination that Ray would accidentally drown Peter and then handles the consequences, which never happened. Sincerely, the show was too short and appeared to omit some parts.

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Moreover, uncomfortable seats and uncontrolled walking in front of the audience were some of the few flaws that irritated me as an audience. Even though the usher and house manager did some good job, it is my feeling that they err by failing to organize properly how people sat to allow late comers to settle comfortably without causing any disturbance. Nonetheless, I truly enjoyed the show despite the fact that most parts of the show hardly applied to me. Ray emerged a very funny personality and played his role to my expectation. He took the figure of nice guy who is blatantly dumb. On the other hand, Peter emerges an overbearing lawyer who appears to be composed, especially when he became aware that Ray had deceived him. However, I must admit that Lydia was a let down on how she played her role. She executed her part, displaying little or no emotions. She appeared like she only focused on getting her part done, which to me tainted the credibility of the show. Although most of the show parts were enjoyable, some portions seemed quite flat and boring.

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