prepare and submit a term paper on Waikato River Settlement. Your paper should be a minimum of 1750 words in length.

The rationale of the settlement is to work as a team to preserve, restore, and maintain the safety of the Waikato River for upcoming generations. For the co-management arrangements to function in a uniform manner, the Crown was required to recognize the mana whakahaere, which are the power and rights of control, and the mana Ao te awa, which is the spiritual, physical, and cultural relationship of Waikato Tainui and the Waikato River. Waikato Tainui required pardoning the Crown for their forceful occupation of Maori cultural land or property and identifying that the transformations attained to the Waikato River provided the rapidly increasing population of New Zealand (Background to Raupatu, 2010).

In New Zealand, the increasing population is in dire need of power or electricity, wastewater system, and farm water. The Waikato community did not tolerate the contamination and corrosion of the Waikato River because it threatened their existence. It is significant to note that the Crown had power and right over the Waikato River. However, despite the two having opposing perceptions about the management and restoration of the river, they thought it was necessary to dwell and center on future means to preserve and bring the river to its original state.

The Waikato River has an important sense to Maori tribes such as the large Waikato Tainui. Their cultural and spiritual association with the river provides them the liability and accountability to guard and preserve it. For many years, the river has been influential and essential to the Waikato tribes because it offers food and guards them against bad luck or damage. Following confiscation or occupation of the land in the 1860s, the Waikato River was utilized as a basis for stormwater, power or electricity, farming, and wastewater systems in the Waikato community.&nbsp.

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