prepare and submit a term paper on Wind Energy: the Costs and Benefits of Harnessing Power to Generate Electricity from Wind Energy.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Wind Energy: the Costs and Benefits of Harnessing Power to Generate Electricity from Wind Energy. Your paper should be a minimum of 5000 words in length. Naturally, the need and desire to integrate with alternative energy sources and more renewable means of electrical generation is contingent upon the fact that the current process for creating electricity is inherently dirty and non-renewable. releasing tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and polluting other aspects of the environment in a litany of other ways. Whereas it is true that there is no truly clean source of electrical energy production, certain methodologies are better than others. Accordingly, the focus of this brief analysis will be on the relative merits and drawbacks of many of the “renewable” energy sources that are currently being considered around the globe, a closer analysis of wind energy, a discussion of how it is gathered, what issues with relation to wind energy generation contribute to lost efficiency, effective turbine designs, environmental impact, public opinion, and lastly government policy and future investment.

One of the most talked-about forms of renewable energy over the past several years has been solar. Due to the decreasing natural resources that the planet exhibits, coal and nuclear sources of electrical generation are in diminished supply and represent their own unique risks. As a function of discussing this alongside presenting an alternative approach, the following analysis will promote an understanding of some of the pros and cons of the utilization of solar energy (Williams, 2014).

Firstly, it should be noted that a large majority of energy (electricity) is generated by coal plants. These coal plants are inherently a dirty way of creating electricity. due to the fact that they burn the fossil fuel coal as a means of generating that in turn drives turbines which produce electricity. Beyond the inefficiency of this process, coal is a limited and finite natural resource that once it is exhausted will be gone forever. Furthermore, the inherent damage to the environment than coal fumes and ash create has been proven by a litany of different medical researchers to be especially toxic. By means of comparison and contrast, many individuals argue for the more widespread use of nuclear energy. due to the fact that it is inherently “cleaner” than coal and less environmentally toxic to individuals that live in and around the nuclear stations that produce such energy.

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