Prompt: The project charter and RACI chart have been approved by the Regatta University administration. Using the project Gantt chart, your team has started working on the project schedule based on th2022-07-14 Answers

Prompt: The project charter and RACI chart have been approved by the Regatta University administration. Using the project Gantt chart, your team has startedworking on the project schedule based on these documents. The team needs to make sure that each member understands his or her responsibilities based onthe schedule. There are three technical roles for this project: Systems analyst—Shila Cole ——–(I choose this) Application developer—Ana Fischer Backend systems analyst—John JonesFirst, select one of the above roles as your own.Next, consider that you and your team have been thrown a curveball and were informed of the following by your manager:The team has one more item it needs your help to complete. The project has been given an extra $10,000 to add a new element that enhances the project to thestudent degree progress widget. With this $10,000 comes an additional week of time added to the schedule. (The distribution of tasks among the team duringthat week does not impact the budget.)Based on your understanding of the Gantt chart and how to read it, your submission for Milestone Two should address the following critical elements:I. Your Technical Role in the Project Schedule: This section should be approximately 2 paragraphs in length. In this area, you will discuss your selectedrole, responsibilities, and important predecessor tasks: Select and identify a technical role from the approved list. Summarize the responsibilities of this role. Using specific information from the project’s Gantt chart, list where in the project schedule these responsibilities are assigned. Explain why it is important that predecessor tasks are completed before your tasks are performed, citing specific information from the project’sGantt chart to support your explanation.II. The Triple Constraint Matrix: This section should be approximately 2 to 3 paragraphs in length. In this area, you will refer to the new directive you havebeen given by your manager. Provide a brief explanation of the new project element that you want to implement. Examples include live animation onthe progress bar or a callout box that opens when students hover on a hot spot and that provides more detailed information to the students. You willuse this experience to inform your understanding of the triple-constraint relationship between the project’s scope, schedule, and budget. Clearly describe the additional element you propose, including how your feature alters the project timeline. For instance, will this addition tothe project add more testing time or increase development time? Use the Gantt chart and the Microsoft Project Tutorial document to appropriately place the new tasks for your feature. These additional tasksshould be inserted during the execution process steps (such as close to the development tasks or increasing the testing time). Be sure to updateany predecessors that may have changed with the newest addition and to assign each new task to the appropriate team member. In the Ganttchart, highlight the task that you have added to make it easy for your instructor to find. Refer to the tutorials and resources provided to you inthis module to help you with this task. You will submit this element as a separate Microsoft Project file. Explain how the addition of this new element may alter the project timeline. Explain how a change in the triple constraint of schedule, cost, and scope allows for this project addition to occur based on your experience inthis activity.RubricGuidelines for Submission: Milestone Two should be submitted as a Word document with double spacing, one-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font,and adherence to the latest edition of APA formatting. Also submit your updated Microsoft Project file. 

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