Provide a 2 pages analysis while answering the following question: Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

Provide a 2 pages analysis while answering the following question: Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Interview of a Principal I have been a principal for three years now. A principal should be a strategic planner, a team builder, a creative as well as a critical thinker, one who is ready to learn as well as teach a person with a sense of humor and finally one who can be trusted by everyone in the school as a whole.

The goals I have when preparing the master schedule are: offering the best education ever, developing a robust teacher student relationship and ensuring that the institution is a place that both staff and students would yearn to be. The new master schedule process for this campus began a month ago. We acquitted computer software to help efficiently in the preparing of the schedule. The Board of governors, the head of departments together with me as the principal, are responsible for development of this master schedule. It will be completed in two weeks from now. The key issues include. time available for developing the schedule, the horizon of the planning and freezing of the schedule. The master schedule is the n approved by the office of the ministry of education. In the development of the schedule, time would come first priority, followed by facilities, personnel allocations, labs and specialized need courses and finally extra- curricular. When making changes to the master schedule, a precise period is frozen basing on the costs of adjusting the master schedule. Special schedules such as special programs are prepared based on the outcome of running the master schedule. They are schedules prepared to give the master schedule a boost.

When preparing a budget, the goals set are: ensuring that the institution stays within the limits of the budget. the budget should be able to sustain various needs of the institution and finally the budget should be able to account for expenses. The budget process starts during school break specifically a month before resuming school. The Board of governors together with the bursars are responsible for preparing the budget. We have support from some business specialists who come every time a budget is being prepared. It is completed in a month’s time. The Site Based Decision committee goes through the budget after it has been prepared and make changes where necessary. The campus receives budget allocations at the beginning of every term. The general operating funds, as well as education funds, are included in the budget. The next steps are revisiting previous budgets and implementing the new budget wisely. The budget is finalized after the Site based Decision committee have approved it.

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When managing campus facilities, the goals set are: ensuring there is enough provision of facilities to cater for both the students and staffs needs. ensuring that the facilities available are in good shape and well maintained. The management and operation system of the school is monitored weekly and evaluated by the board of governors in accordance of any arising situation. Instructional space begins at every beginning of a term and is done for at most two weeks. The school utilizes support of facility management from a crisis management plant. The board of governors is responsible for allocating space. The facilities available and the facilities available are considered. The Site based Decision Making committee helps in deciding if there is a need of adding extra facilities in conjunction with the budget. Emergency safety issues are addressed by compiling emergency plans that should be taken in case safety issues. They should include hazardous cases and how to dealt with them. In case of safety emergency, all facilities should be put in consideration and should be made available regular safety issues are dealt with on a daily basis. It includes the maintenance and the update of safety measures, as well as how to deal with them accordingly in the school. Health committee meetings are held weekly, and finally information on safety is put in most areas of work.

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