research paper on developing self-esteem: the smart goals. Needs to be 5 pages.

Need an research paper on developing self-esteem: the smart goals. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. Oakes et defined self-esteem as “emphasize effective self-regard . . . a feeling of affection toward oneself (779). Others define it as an overall judgment one makes about one’s worth as a person. But regardless of how it is defined, self-esteem includes affective and cognitive components. “High self-esteem people feel good about themselves and think they have many positive qualities” (779). On the reverse, low self-esteem people hold ambivalent feelings toward themselves and are less certain that they have many certain positive qualities (Baumeister, Tice & Hutton, 1989 qt in Oakes et al 779). To this, Anjala and Worthen added the specifics of body image and self-image which comprises self-esteem (90)

Inferring from these definitions in setting up a SMART Goal in developing my self-esteem, I will initially target a 20% increase in positive self-esteem, progressing to 40% in the second week, 60% in the third week and 80% increase in self-esteem the fourth week of assessing the development of my self-esteem.

The SMART Goal is effective because it is grounded in reality and the parameters were conservative. It is not an overly optimistic goal that is difficult to achieve that would make one eventually abandon the plan. Rather, it is composed of step by step plan that only requires realistic efforts that could be done consistently.

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Inferring from the definition of Oakes et al and Anjala, I will categorize the components of self-esteem as internal and external. Internal are those whom Oakes said to feel good about me and which is triggered by a positive stimulus that helps us cope positively with the challenges of life(Tariq 23).

To achieve these goals I will engage in activities that are consistent with the internal and external components about self-esteem. With regard to the internal factor of feeling good about myself, I will begin making more friends and spending more time with family&nbsp.and friends.

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