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Over my 2 years practical training at OpenRoad entertainment. I was responsible for developing graphic concepts and layouts for the company’s media products such as website, promotional advertisements, animations, labels, logos, business stationeries, etc.

I have been involved projects that have strengthened my design knowledge and exposed me to real life design challenges in design. Among the practical experiences I have had, I played a key role on the marketing promo design of the How I Met Your Mother on 20th Century Fox Television as a lead designer and also designed various promotions for boardcast show such as Selena + Chef on HBOmax, Teen Choice Awards on FOX … etc. While working with the OpenRoad design team, I was also significantly involved in the design of movie title and trailer graphics for different films. Among these, I was involved in the design of title graphics associated with the movies: Enola Holmes, The Sky os Everywhere, Reagan, Dont Look Up, Time is Up, America Boggiewomen…

As part of my development, I participated  in three Promax Silver award winning projects as a key designer. I was also successfully expand my skillset and refine additional knowledge of artistic methods of design executions. Though my two years experience at OpenRoad, I learned how to center on design conceptualizing and strengthen my understanding of clients need with the effected creation speed and able to handle a project on my own. With my employer’ oversight and supervision I was able to familiarize myself with core operational responsibilities and gain access to professional development opportunities.

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