Sok6 disc1 social and economic justice

Actual Case and other Sources are Uploaded for Review/Use. Look for them in the uploads, th Links may, or may not work for you. Please before excepting this, or othe assignments formme be sure you understand requirements. inbox me if you have any questions.


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This is due By Tomorrow Thursday 31/16 @ 10pm New York Time. 1 Page of work Plus Reference Page.

Review the case study of Working with families: The case of Carol and Joseph, focusing on the social or economic justice issues at play in the situation described.

Then Submit a description 1-2 of a social or economic justice issue that is evident in the case. Suggest two strategies the social worker might employ to address the issue.


Be Sure to Use Proper APA formating, Reference Page and in-Text Citations

(Actual Sources Uploaded for Review/Use: PLEASE DO)


References/Paper Resources

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