submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Online Business of Vibe T-shirt Would Be Remunerative and Profitable.

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Online Business of Vibe T-shirt Would Be Remunerative and Profitable. The business of online T-shirts by the brand name of Vibes has been set up with an appropriate forecast according to the plan. The Vibe T-shirts would be sold through the online website of the company. The customers would be able to purchase the T-shirts with visiting the physical store and taking advantage of virtual shopping mode. There are various payment options for the customer as they offered credits for 30 days and 60 days for online purchase. The online marketing and selling of T-shirts of Vibe brand are considered to be highly competitive as e-commerce has emerged to be a recent trend with various companies investing in an online commodity business. The detailed forecast of the business in terms of the initial capital available, cash budget, the forecast of the income statement and financial position of the business has been given below.&nbsp. The business has paid due consideration in pricing the Vibe T-shirts so that it is affordable to a wide range of customers. The pricing strategy of Vibe T-shirts has been designed in order to meet the mission and vision of the business which is to connect to people of different cultures all over the globe. Vibe T-shirts business envisages emerging as the most desired T-shirt brand through the virtual model of e-commerce. The pricing has also been fixed taking into consideration the expenses incurred for procuring the raw materials, wages, general selling and administrative costs. The price of each Vibe T-shirt has been fixed at 25-pound sterling which is expected to drive in the forecasted revenue and the profits to reach the break-even point within a short period of time.&nbsp.The cash budget for the business of Vibe T-shirt has been computed as given in the excel calculations. The cash budget has provided an indication of the amount of cash deficit or surplus that would occur from the online selling of Vibe T-shirt.&nbsp.

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