submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as an Intervention for PTSD.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as an Intervention for PTSD.

Establishing a safe environment for healing and instilling the right attitudes can help in behavioral change for children and adolescents with low levels of PTSD. Addressing PTSD from the perspective of cognitive behavior is vital and outlining methods for the program can reinforce the recovery journey for PTSD patients.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as an Intervention for PTSDEffectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral TherapyOne of the leading causes of PTSD among children is continued exposure to traumatic events (Shemesh, 2005).

A pediatric medical care setting can help to gather reliable information about how children react to different emotional situations. A study carried out in a pediatric outpatient setting to compare the reaction levels of parents, and their children found out that practitioners are torn between using the reports given by parents about the emotional reactions of their children. The posttraumatic disorder requires experts to unearth the symptoms that often go unnoticed by inexperienced parents. The discrepancies between what children behave and how their parents report the assessment can be a leading cause of the proliferation of PTSD.

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Pediatric medical care settings can provide a platform for evaluating the validity of cognitive behavior as an intervention for PTSD. The results of the PTSD study carried out at Mount Sinai Medical Center showed varying responses from adolescents and children to traumatic disorders (Shemesh, 2005). A parent can interfere with the report submitted. Therefore, parents can be used as instruments for carrying out cognitive behavior therapy for PTSD but with the surveillance of medical practitioners.

The interpretation of children and clinicians varies considerably. Parents should be used to collect reports to offer insights that can be used to kick off the therapy. The move is meant to prevent parents from becoming influenced by the traumatic disorder affecting their children. Parental observations for their children count as an optional source of data for the final report to be prepared by the clinician. Parental observations should not be used irrespective of the child’s age.

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