submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Philosophical and Political Writings by Martin Heidegger.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Philosophical and Political Writings by Martin Heidegger. Martin Heidegger writes, “Dasein engages in a downward plunge in which it becomes closed off from its authenticity and possibility. Dasein, as fallen, is characterized by idle talk, curiosity, and ambiguity which involve a leveling down of all possibilities of Being. In the idle talk, the “they” close off the hidden meaning and ground of what is talked about. In curiosity, Dasein is constantly uprooting itself and concerned with the constant possibility of distraction. As ambiguous, the “they” acts as though it “knows everything,” yet, at the bottom, this understanding is superficial in that nothing is genuinely understood. The “they” is essentially death-evasive in that it conceals Dasein as Being-towards-death.”(Martin….)

He further explains, “One says death certainly comes, but not right away. With this “but….,” they deny that death is certain. “Not right away” is not a purely negative e-statement, but a self-interpretation of they with which it refers itself to what is initially accessible to Da-sein to take care of. Everydayness penetrates to the urgency of taking care of things, and divests itself of the fetters of a weary, “inactive thinking about death.” Death is postponed to “sometime later,” by relying on the so-called “general opinion.” Thus they cover over what is peculiar to the certainty of death that is possible in every moment.” Together with the certainty of death goes the indefiniteness of its when.”(220)

Continuing his discussion on das Man, he writes, “The preparation of readiness may be the first step. the world cannot be what it is or the way that it is through man, but neither can be it without a man. According to my view, this is connected with the fact that what I name with the word Being, a word which is of long-standing, traditional, multifaceted and unworn not, needs a man for its revelation, preservation, and formation.”(38)

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Thus the authentic possibilities of death are ruled out by Heidegger. It is a kind of movement of plunging into the groundlessness of an inauthentic being.&nbsp. It is the certainty engulfed in uncertainty. Thus the strange phenomenon of death is tackled brilliantly by Heidegger.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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