Summarize a Written Rhetorical Text Choose an article that is opinion or argument Look at op-ed (opinion-editorial) articles Recent – published within the last eight weeks Content and format requireme2022-06-18 Answers

Summarize a Written Rhetorical TextChoose an article that is opinion or argumentLook at op-ed (opinion-editorial) articlesRecent – published within the last eight weeksContent and format requirementsContent:Write a 150- to 250-word summary of the article.Your summary should include an overview of the article’s purpose and enough information that someone who has not read the article would have a clear and concise understanding of what the piece is about. You will have to make some choices about what reasons, details, and examples to include in your summary. However, your goal is to represent the gist of the article as clearly and accurately as possible.Do not include your opinion of the article or its topic. Do not editorialize: Example: “This is a well-written article.”FormatOne paragraph (two, at most), with an introduction, body, and conclusionIntroduce the source by title and author within the first few sentences of your summary.APA paper format: Use the APA 7 template Organization requirementsSummary is presented in a logical, sequential orderTransitions link ideas within and between paragraphs to unify the discussion.Source/ Support requirementsAdequate and appropriate evidence (paraphrase and quotes) to support the discussionUse of source ideas. Use paraphrase to create your summary. Quotes may be used; however, most of the summary must be in your own wordsAvoid long quotes. For information on quoting, summarizing and paraphrasing go to: Purdue Online Writing Lab. (n.d.) Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summary. Purdue Online Writing Lab. in-text and APA reference citation required.Technical requirementsWrite in third person (objective voice) – avoid I or You statements.Use standard conventions of English: punctuation, capitalization, complete sentencesSpellcheck and proofread your work.

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