swansea mnm012 human resource management effectiveness in terms of challenging management

In your answer you should consider what you understand by the term effectiveness. For example, you might link with the concept of cost effectiveness as presented by Boxall and Purcell (2011) and discuss skills and cost.
Alternatively, you might discuss effectiveness in terms of motivation and effort or fit with the organisation (in terms of values and objectives). You might otherwise consider effectiveness in terms of challenging management perhaps through voice in order to ensure that the organisation behaves ethically and/or demonstrates social legitimacy.
Then you should discuss the way in which the policy area you have selected impacts on workforce effectiveness in the way you have described.
In order to critically evaluate the contribution of the policy area you have selected to workforce effectiveness, you might compare with an alternative policy area and consider the comparative contribution of the alternative. Therefore, your essay should evaluate two policy areas of your choice from the five identified above.
Academic misconduct is to commit any act where a student may obtain an unpermitted advantage for themselves or another. This can relate to any form of assessed work including:
A formal examination
A piece of coursework
Any form of assessment undertaken in pursuit of an academic or professional qualification at Swansea University.
Academic misconduct can be committed on an individual or group basis.
There are different types of academic misconduct including:
Plagiarism defined as using, without acknowledgment, another persons work and submitting it for assessment as though it were your own work; for instance, through copying or unacknowledged paraphrasing. This constitutes plagiarism whether it is intentional or unintentional. Poor referencing can lead to you unintentionally plagiarising someone elses work.
The University takes academic misconduct very seriously and it can have a detrimental effect on your results. In cases where academic misconduct is found to have taken place, it can result in one of the following:
The issue of a written reprimand and the text to be ignored when marking, resulting in a reduced mark
The cancellation of your mark for the assessment
The cancellation of your mark for the module concerned
In serious cases your marks for the entire year can be cancelled
Where can I find out more about Academic Misconduct?

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