The Adult and Sub Adult Squonkfish Population.

I will pay for the following article The Adult and Sub Adult Squonkfish Population. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Fish harvesting is the most notorious ways to reduce the population. The dynamics caused by natural calamities such as el Nino are not constant thus they don’t claim a big number like fishing

In this case, the risk of collapse is not acceptable because the sub-adults which later become adult are harvested in small numbers. Due to the fact that the adults are the last generation in the population, it is of help that it is reduced at a controlled number so as to reduce the possibility of extinct as a result of competition.

38.How your answers to would question 30 and 36 change if you based your answer on 10 years instead of 30year long term harvest data briefly discuss the ramifications in terms of economic profitability and risk of collapse in using long, short term predictions to make decisions

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10 years is a short-term period, however, for this case, the catch limit strategy will result in the reduced harvest of fish and also the economic profit margin will reduce. For the constant effort, there will be less change as there are set mechanisms that are not affected by the time length thereby there will be no change in the profit margin.

The adaptive strategies used included adaptive effort strategy which calls for the use of a more efficient trawl area. This trawl area is a specific one that should be on a uniform dimension for an exact estimate. There is also the use of the mixed strategy which involves all the earlier used strategies. This is of more significance as it maintains the economic profit margin as well as keeping the population of fish from collapsing. thus, the later adaptive strategy is the best.

For the best catch limit strategy. The mixed strategy is better as it gives space for the adjustment of the profit margin thereby more profitable. For the best constant strategy, the mixed strategy is better as it does not lead to a large amount decrease in the fish population as in the case of constant effort.&nbsp.

The constant effort strategy is the best as it involves a minimum reduction in the population of the fish at the same time it there are no adjustments in the profit margin by the harvesters. This means that the fish population is controlled.

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