The benefits of CBD | genius home works

Find one peer-reviewed primary (Original Research) article on Topic 11.
Read and evaluate the article chosen.
Write a summary of the article that answers the following questions for the article:
Who were the participants of the study? (i.e. healthy men, postmenopausal women)
What is the intervention and control; or the comparison?
What type of study was done? (i.e. RCT, case-control)
What is the main finding of the peer-reviewed article?
List 2 or more strengths and 2 or more weaknesses of the study design (not the results).
Write this summary in a paragraph format.
Include the full references for the chosen article in AMA format. A guide to AMA is posted on Canvas. Note: This is NOT just the URL! Also, journal articles need to be formatted like journal articles, not the website you found the article.
Post this summary in the thread I started for Part 1.

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What are the benefits of CBD?

What are the cons of CBD?

Is there sufficient scientific data to support consuming CBD? Why or why not?

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