The Journey of the African American Athlete

1) After watching the video on the Journey of the African American Athlete, specifically summarize as it pertains to Black Activism the significance of
A. Bill Russell
B. Wilma Rudolph,
C. Arthur Ashe,
D. Muhammad Ali.

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2 part A) Next, Summarize specifically the symbolic importance of 1. Jackie Robinson

  1. Charlie Sifford
  2. Althea Gibson
  3. Joe Louis.

2 Part B) Using your textbook, The Making of Black Lives Matter, summarize the activist ideas articulated by at least three individuals. Next, Explain how these activist ideas are a foundational connection to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

3) Read the three attached exhibition reviews. Summarize the ideas addressed by the art critic in the reviews.
Next, Explain how the art discussed in the three reviews connects to the ideas discussed in the textbook, The Making of Black Lives Matter

Art review links
Art Exhibition Review 1

Art Exhibition Review 2

Art Exhibition Review 3

Please only use links and files provided. Do not copy and paste the question response. Lastly if the writer needs additional information please let me know

the book being used is called. Please cite currently

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