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“This has been such a tragedy; I don’t even know where to begin to help this survivor!”

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As a helping professional, you may have thoughts similar to these as you begin to work with survivors of critical incidents. How do you determine what to do? What informs your choices? Theories and response models are a place to begin. Thus, the focus of this week is to analyze response models and apply theories of cognitive, social, and emotional responses to critical incidents so that you have a theoretical and practical starting point from which to help survivors.

Learning Objectives
Students will:
Analyze the value of theories and response models related to crisis, trauma, and disaster
Apply theories related to crisis, trauma, and disaster
Learning Resources
Required Readings
James, R. K., & Gilliland, B. E. (2017). Crisis intervention strategies (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.
Chapter 1, “Approaching Crisis Intervention”“Theories of Crisis and Crisis Intervention” (pp. 14-19)
“Crisis Intervention Models” (pp. 19-23)
“Eclectic Crisis Intervention Theory” (pp. 22-23)
Jirek, S. L. (2017). Narrative reconstruction and post-traumat

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