This assignment requires that you watch one movie that deals with intercultural communication and write a 4–5-page critical analysis of the movie. A list of movies is provided. You may also propose to2022-07-12 Answers

This assignment requires that you watch one movie that deals with intercultural communication and write a 4–5-page critical analysis of the movie. A list of movies is provided. You may also propose to analysis a movie of your own choice, but you will need to explain to me why you would choose such a movie. If you can make good arguments about your choice, you will be allowed to write the analysis about it. The goal of the movie analysis is for you to apply your understanding of intercultural communication to cultural interactions reflected in movies. As you watch the movie, you should be reflecting on the ideas we have read for class and discussed online. The movie analysisrequires more than summaries of stories. Your focus should be to make an argument (or arguments) about some aspect(s) of the movie as they relate to intercultural communication. For example, if you believe that the story of the movie shows how prejudices are formed and how categorical thinking and fear of difference impact intercultural communication, then your thesis would state this, and your analysis paper would explain the relationships you see between prejudice and intercultural communication. You should be able to use some examples from themovie to support your thesis and specific arguments. Your paper should discuss the cultural aspects that you see in the movie.  What are the artifacts of culture that you recognized?  What were the interactional patterns between people?  What were the underlying values that you saw portrayed?  Some suggestions are as follows:1. Language, Symbols, and Artifacts (means of communication) – language, dialects preferred, proverbs, signs, jokes, myths, analogies, folklore, art forms, heroes, dances, rituals, children’s games, currency, holidays, history (family, national, and global).2. Customs, Practices, and Intercultural Patters (means of interaction) – verbal (tone of voice, phrases used) and nonverbal (eye contact, the proximity of stance, gestures) communication patterns, family behaviors, conversational styles (formal-business, casual, ritualized), friendship patterns, community roles, gender roles.3. Shared Values, Beliefs, Norms, and Expectations (values driving people, groups) – attitudes, religious and spiritual beliefs, fears, laws, standards.I prefer that you choose a non-documentary movie because movies with a story allow you to really observe a relationship within a culture and to see how a culture affects a relationship. Martial arts/action movies and animated movies made in other countries or in the US are not appropriate for this assignment. Analysis Paper FormatIn addition to providing some critical, thoughtful insights into intercultural communication, your analysis should also be well organized and clearly written. Your paper will be graded on how clearly you present and develop your thesis and how fully you demonstrate your arguments and ideas. In addition, your work will be graded on the quality of your writing, including organization, grammar, syntax, style, and spelling.Your paper should be typed, double-spaced, in this typeface (12pt. Times New Roman font) and be 4-5 pages.  Margins should be one inch all around.  PLEASE USE THIS MOVIE:The Color of Friendship (White Southern African/ Afro-American): (USA (2000). Mahree Bok is a white South African teenager and a product of the Apartheid system raised to view dark-skinned people as second-class citizens. Piper Dellums is the daughter of an African AmericanU.S. Congressman living in Washington D.C. When Mahree is chosen to spend her time as an exchange student at the Dellums’s house, she is shocked on her arrival to discover that the Dellums are black, and the Dellums are just as surprised when they realize that Mahree is a white South African. In spite of initial problems, Mahree stays at the Dellums’s house, and step-by-stepMahree and Piper become friends. Their situation forces them to talk about their prejudices and teaches both some lessons about racism and tolerance.

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