umanitoba heal3000 introduction to epidemiology research study

The article critique should have five sections:
In this section introduce your reader to the title of thearticle,
the authors, the main purpose of the research study presented in the
article, and briefly mention the main finding(s).
Thesis statement.
Include a thesis statement that indicates what the
purpose of your paper is and your position on the research presented in
the article and the reasons for taking that position.
Provide an overview of the research presented in the article in
your own words.
In this section, you are required to conduct a critical assessmentof
the research presented in the article and highlight the strengths, and limitations of research. This section must include at least one strength
limitation beyond the ones listed by the author(s) in the article. Use specific examples to strengthen your critique. [Multiple paragraphs]
Conclusion. Summarize the key research findings, highlight the limitations and strengths of the study, and identify future research direction(s).

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