What is your opinion of Brittany Maynards decision to end her life at age 29 years? &nbsp

One of the most important aspects of nursing is ensuring your self-care and moral/ethical well-being when dealing with death and dying situations.  In order to make ethically sound decisions when caring for patients, you must first become intimately familiar with yourself, your personal values and be able to identify when they are in conflict.

Case 9.2:  The Case of Brittany Maynard: “My Right to Die”. 

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Question 1Check in with yourself about what emotions this brings up for you.   Answer question #4:  What is your opinion of Brittany Maynards decision to end her life at age 29 years?  Please explore your rationale and explain and find a source to support your answer.

Question 1.2Lastly, what part of this course was the most interesting or helpful to you? How do you think what you have learned in this course will impact your future nursing practice and why?

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Question 2In the Discussion Board, explain how the content in Human Anatomy & Physiology will relate to your future career goals as a nurse?

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Question 3: Pick any endocrine disease or disorder. Briefly describe your topic and be sure to include any potential causes, symptoms or possible treatments. You should have a minimum of 2 academically appropriate resources.

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Question 4: Please share a time during the past year when you had to help someone with a nutritional issue, or wish you had been able to help someone. Provide us with a brief description of the situation and the actions you took. What were the outcomes? What techniques did you engage that worked well, and what could you have done differently?