Write 1 page with APA style on Female Assumes Roles.

Write 1 page with APA style on Female Assumes Roles. Sexual inversion was seen in women of the working class who felt their wages were small as compared to those of the males and getting a well-paying job was a problem. These women used to wear clothes that belong to men without people noticing in the medical field (43). Transvestite women on their early stages used to show sexual attraction to those of their gender that is are usually attracted to young girls rather than to men. The need for women to become men is not usually sexually related, but to enjoy the privileges that come with masculinity, for example, good pay, freedom, and decision-making involvement (45).

A number of questions emerge from the arguments. Firstly, why only women who would like to adopt male roles? Are men satisfied with what they have, or it is easy for women than it is for men? This observation brings more questions than answers.

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