Write 1 page with APA style on The good life.

Write 1 page with APA style on The good life. THE ETHICS OF CLIMATE CHANGE Conception about the Good Life The aspect of climate change and environmental sustainability is an ethical topic in the sense that it helps in identify the causes and health impacts of global change. Climatic changes will most likely cause harm such as heat waves, floods, and storms that may harm or kill individuals. Human lives are likely to be affected in a negative manner by the hazardous effects of climatic changes characterized by unpredictable rainfall patterns leading to shortages of safe drinking water and food. However, for the environment to remain sustainable, the states and companies that take part in industrialization and manufacturing should take responsibility of controlling the effects of climate change by bearing the negative external costs associated with climate change.1

The richer nations and large manufacturing industries get involved in massive industrial manufacturing, hence leading to massive emissions and pollution that are responsible for the ever increasing amount of green house gases. To maintain normalcy and good life, the discounting rate concept must be proportionately applied. The rich countries that account for the larger share of the global emissions must bear the greatest costs associated with environmental degradation. In order to save the future generations from suffering the harmful effects of the present global climatic change, they must learn to reduce such risks by avoiding activities that negatively affect the environment.2 This can only be achieved by seeking expert advice from economists who would advise them on the cost-benefits analysis of their industrial and manufacturing activities.

From an ethical point of view, the economists must take into account the discounting rates that are payable by the environmental polluters. Economists will, therefore, always advice on the importance of reducing the possibility of adverse effects such as environmental pollution from spreading into the future. This implies that the present generation must sacrifice part of its consumption in order to mitigate the impacts climatic change.

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Broome, John, and Grabriel Bouys. 2008. The Ethics of Climate Change.&nbsp.Scientific American, 45 (3): 69-73.

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