Write 10 pages thesis on the topic sex and gender.

Write 10 pages thesis on the topic sex and gender.

les of bias will likely always occur in one form or another, but the suggestion that there has somehow been a concerted, secretive international conspiracy by evil corporations directed against women is ridiculous. This paper debunks the glass ceiling myth by examining the arguments by those who would defend its existence and by injecting context and perspective into the discussion.

Prior to delving into the multiple facets of the supposed wage gap between men and women in the workplace, one indisputable aspect should be addressed.

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This nation operates on a capitalistic system. Companies large and small, in every industry and service, have one main goal which is to make a profit, the bigger the better. Therefore, it is an economic reality that if a company could hire women who would accept 25 percent less compensation than a man to perform the same job, as is popularly claimed, they would hire only women. Since this phenomenon hasn’t occurred either locally or nationally, it can be safely assumed that there is no gender-based disparity in wages, no unspoken conspiracy to discriminate against women, no glass ceiling.

A recent study which surveyed nearly 900 companies of various sizes found that about half reported that it was at least somewhat likely its next CEO would be of the female gender. This would not have been the case 30 years ago when women, driven by economic necessity, began to enter the workforce in larger numbers. Business analysts have estimated that “it takes the average man 20 years to become general manager, 25 years to become president, and 30 years to become CEO assuming he has the personal and professional qualities to make it in the first place” (Larson, 2005).

Thirty years after women on the whole became more career oriented, they are today as likely as men to assume the head position of businesses, right on schedule.

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