Write 10 pages thesis on the topic sport policy, politics, and ethics.

Write 10 pages thesis on the topic sport policy, politics, and ethics.

Olympics, World Cup, Commonwealth games, international-acclaimed marathons such as London Marathon are some of the major and global sporting activities taking place in the world at varying intervals (Bodin and Sempé, 2011, p. 44). Due to the importance of sport and benefits accruing from it, there are policies that have been developed at country, regional, and international level to provide a framework in which sporting activities can take place. Policies are aimed at enhancing physical activity and participation in sport.

However, it should be noted that policies of sport are highly influenced by sporting dynamics and shifting instruments and priorities of respective governments. Policy for sport is also aimed at promoting the interests of the sport at local, sub-regional, regional, and international levels. Besides, development of sport policy has been informed by the realization that sport can be used as a means of delivering a wide range of policy aspirations such as local economic viability and health improvement among others (Bloyce and Smith, 2009, p. 101). Implementation of policy by for sport by governments is faced with various challenges and barriers.

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Implementation of sport policy is often faced with barriers and challenges just like are the case with the implementation of policy in other respects. One of the main challenges is declining participation among the population in sport. Studies show that participation in sport has been declining significantly in most countries despite its importance (Bodin and Sempé, 2011, p. 60). Particularly, it has been noted that the participation of those aged over 15 years has dropped dramatically in recent years.

Experts argue that this challenge in the implementation of sport policy can be attributed to the fact that physical activities in the population have been declining especially after children have attained 12 years of age. The increased number of population suffering from obesity and overweight is proof that physical activity has been declining.

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