Write 12 pages thesis on the topic high dropout rates in the united sates.

Write 12 pages thesis on the topic high dropout rates in the united sates.

In the recent years, California schools in the United States have registered high rates of dropout particularly among African-Americans. As result of many factors, this has raised the concerns of many of the parties involved in the education sector. These parties include government agencies departments, and the non- governmental organizations. The revelation of the high dropouts in schools has led to a research being carried out through cooperation and collaboration of the various agencies to investigate the trends, reasons behind this problem and how this can be curbed and reduced.

Government has instituted a four year research to study the trends of the high dropout rates, establish the reasons behind the trend, investigate the efforts to reverse the trend, and come up with amicable recommendations to solve this problem.

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According to previously carried out research, there is difference in the rates of dropouts among the various races. Race distribution in any Californian school determines the rate of drop out the school will experience over time. High dropout rates are recorded among the minorities with African-American recording the highest rates.

Whites and Asians have in the past recorded the lowest rates of dropout from schools. This is because of reasons associated with the background of the students, parental expectations, and faculty expectations. The expectations held of the student by the society at large either demoralize or motivate the students in pursuit of their education.

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