Write 13 pages thesis on the topic social media and facebook for mcdonalds.

Write 13 pages thesis on the topic social media and facebook for mcdonalds. The accessibility of the internet and mobile devices has also made it possible for almost any person in any part of the world to connect to other people. Under this context, the rise or the fall of any person, possibly politicians or celebrities can unfold easily through social media. The failure or success of any product in the market can also be easily determined by social media. In the case of McDonald’s Corporation, social media has also had both positive and negative effects on the food chain. This research paper will assess and examine the role that social media plays in the success of the McDonald’s Corporation USA. It shall examine social media’s usage and the impact it has had on the vision and business strategies of the organization. It would also analyze the success/failure of their social media strategies in securing corporate goals. This paper would compare the usage of social media in relation to traditional media and present an analysis of the benefits gained from each kind of media.

McDonald’s Corporation Profile

The official McDonald’s website (2014) presents the recent profile for the corporation. They state that the company is the global leader in foodservice retail with close to 35,000 locations covering 70 million consumers in 100 states daily. About 80% of their outlets are owned and being managed by local independent businessmen. Their goal has become a customer favorite place to eat and drink with their core food items including McDonald’s Fries, Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Chicken McNuggets, and other favorites. The direction of the corporation has been to secure success and they seek such success by leveraging their system, identifying and implementing ideas that serve the challenging needs and preferences of consumers. They are also aiming towards securing locally-relevant experiences for their customers. They have also focused on securing three main goals, including the optimization of their menu, the modernization of the customer experience, and increasing the accessibility of the brand.

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