Write 2 pages thesis on the topic discussion board.

Write 2 pages thesis on the topic discussion board. Figures of speech al Affiliation) In “A Rose for Emily,” Emily’s story unfolds in flashbacks. Figures of speech have beenused to characterize her works in the book. After losing her father, Emily is described as a monument. This metaphor indicates her character that is compared to a monument. it never changes, and remains as it is for its entire existence. The loss left her unhappy and lonely making her skeleton look small and spare. Her stature is described using a hyperbole. This figure of speech was used to create a picture of how frail and miserable Emily was. Her eyes are described as resembling two small pieces of coal pressed into a lump. This simile brings out the real picture of a sad woman with emptiness and ‘blackness’ in her eyes.

In this book, irony takes a large portion as far as figures of speech are used (Faulkner, & Polk, 2000). When Emily began dating Homer, the older generation could not give her any leeway in her romance. They said that not even grief could cause a real lady (Emily) to forget noblesse oblige. This means that the people in the upper classes should be socially responsible to those in less fortunate classes. It is ironical that the townspeople did not grant her the benefits that accompany the title ‘noblesse oblige.’

The description on the poison package, that Emily bought indicated, that it was meant for rats. This description is used metaphorically, and not for a literal rat. Prior to that scenario, rats had not been mentioned in the book. Foreshadowing is used to create suspense. that the poison was for something important in the story. This literary device engages the reader to read on with close attention to what the poison was really for.

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The use of symbolism brings out a ‘third side’ of the storyline. The watch mentioned symbolizes the timeline of vital events in Miss Emily’s life. The poison, mentioned above, symbolizes death while the matrimonial bed symbolizes her thoughts about marriage regardless of what the townspeople thought of her.

In the short story, “Miss Brill,” Miss Brill’s fur coat symbolizes her own personalities. It is used widely in the story to symbolize all the aspects in her life. The fur describes her humble and lonely existence throughout the story. By calling it a rogue, she symbolizes a male adventurer. She does not have a male companion meaning that the fur simulates her. The fur is also used as a metaphor to describe what she sees attractive in herself. She never gets the chance to experience the world around her, similar to an inanimate object. her fur coat. At the end of the story, it is evident that the fur symbolizes an extension of her emotional state, when she places it into its dark lonely box and cries uncontrollably.

The story relies on a sense of imagery. Development of images is done through sight and sound. Her emotions are portrayed in an orchestra. Changes in the orchestra signified her delicate emotions.

Dramatic irony enables the reader to understand Miss Brill’s character (Gioia, & Gwynn, 2006). Her view of the world on a Sunday afternoon in autumn was a delightful one. From reading the story, it is evident that she is a lonely woman sitting on a park bench. Use of dramatic irony creates a dual perspective that encourages readers to view her as someone who has found solace in fantasy (her romanticized perceptions) rather than self-pity (reader’s view of her as a lonely person).


This was an interesting read. The use of figures of speech was quite engaging and creates a platform for developing the storyline. It is with great optimism that literary works will continue to be used in the syllabus for further understanding. In the real world, everything seems as easy as it appears, but in the real sense, some things are just representatives of real aspects.


I enjoyed how other students incorporated real life situations to further extrapolate the use of figures of speech in their daily lives. Their reports were very informative as I got to learn about the perception of the world around us.


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