Write 3 pages thesis on the topic strategies for technical communication.

Write 3 pages thesis on the topic strategies for technical communication. The paper unit comprises of the progress and completion report. &nbsp.Interviews, document reviews, and participation were used in the collection and assessment of the situation. There are some changes recommended for better service delivery to the students and their understanding of these units. The proposal unit should be provided with topics or students to be given a certain number of problems and formats to choose from to reduce the amount of time used. It was found that the units offered are not entirely beneficial to the students putting in mind the little time in the semester (Markel, 2013).

The lecturer will also not be able to cover all these units for the students to understand, and he will not accomplish the delivery of customizing, audience awareness, awareness and usability testing and finally the editing skills. These recommendations will help the students to gain more knowledge in the units and to make the units easy to understand and carry out in time (Markel, 2013). Moreover, the lecturer will be able to accomplish his teaching goals for the units.


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&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. The course under study had four units as follows. workforce correspondence unit in which students learn the skills involving adaptability and customizability in a cover letter and resume writing. In addition, email correspondence is important in this unit for the student’s future needs in a professional and business environment. The second unit is the instruction unit where the students write a set of instructions and translate it to their audience for better reception. Finally yet importantly is the proposal unit where the student is supposed to propose or to do some kind of problem and find its solution (Markel, 2013).

The reporting unit involves the submission of a progress report in the form of a memo and a completion report. The most beneficial unit according to the analysis is the workplace correspondence and the reporting unit because they will assist the student in their grading and in their business and employment environments in the future (Markel, 2013). The report will enable students to be more serious in their work to gain knowledge and not to only acquire grades. This is because they are required to report details of their progress.

The proposal unit is least beneficial because of the time it consumes to make a proposal, and the problem it has of usability is training to students. The lecturer will not be able to get good topics from the students due to time limits (Markel, 2013). Further, the instruction unit is less beneficial because of the time needed to know your audience by the students.


I concluded that the contents of the units needed to be modified to enable students and teachers to achieve their goals. Using the units as they are will amount to a number of problems but the common one is a waste of time and not gaining the knowledge required due to over spending time on least beneficial units. This modification needs to be coordinated with the needs and goals of the students and lecturer respectively.


I recommend that the proposal and the instruction units be shortened by reducing the content of the units. Furthermore, I recommend that the students be allowed to contact the lecturer in case of problems in the two units where they will be assisted as needed. In addition, I recommend that the time limit be allocated to all the units with work correspondence and report unit being allocated less time than the instruction and proposal units are. Finally, the grading of the units to be changed such that the complex units to be given more percentage than the less complex one. Work correspondence should have 15%, report unit to have 15%, instruction unit to have 30% the proposal unit to have 30% and the daily assignment to have 10%.