Write 4 pages with APA style on What is happiness.

Write 4 pages with APA style on What is happiness. Similarly, the conquest of and pursuit of happiness may be different to other based on the individual desires. There is no fixed or single definition to happiness and it can be defined differently by different experts and analysts from different professions. For example a historian will define happiness in the context of an emperor, ruler or other political or military mindset oriented individual who has had number of successes, in the same context, a philosopher may find happiness in the form of reaching to another level of thinking, or reaching to the minds and acceptance level of the readers or the students who follow that particular philosopher.

Happiness also varies between the age groups. It may also vary between the societies, the surroundings and the geographical factors. For example a mere a smile may bring upon happiness and pleasure on any one’s face, to others happiness may mean earning millions and then continuing the process of striving further towards acquiring more wealth. Various questions entail the concept of happiness. These questions include the understanding of the phenomena with regard to the question such as the co relative and subjectively inductive understanding of happiness. What would the state of happiness be if it is in conflict with someone else, or if it is gained at the cost of discomfort, compromise or other damage or deprivation that may be felt by any other individual. In that case the definition of happiness would not stand fulfilled rather it would be termed as an envy, state of unhealthy competition or any other non productive bondage and affiliation in which the gain of one is the loss of other.

Happiness in other words is a state of mind that is embodied by expectations.

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