Write 5 pages thesis on the topic tracking in school.

Tracking is a school system that separates students and places them in groups depending on their academic ability. The system encourages the creation of school systems that place learners in groups depending on their overall achievement. Such a system discourages the holistic development of students, affects the relationship between schools and families, and encourages discrimination in society as the discussion below portrays.

Key among the arguments of the opponents of tracking is the fact that most of the low track classes tend to comprise of students from poor families. Social class struggles are fundamental factors that affect the quality of life for most students. The disparity between the middle class and the working class is always evident in the performance of the children both academically and in extracurricular activities. The school system in the United States has tendencies of discrimination and racism with the tracking system initiating and sustaining such mundane forms of discrimination. Most low track classes consist of children from poor families while upper track classes comprise of children from either the middle class or the wealthy members of society. This implies that the family backgrounds of the learners influence the quality of their learning experience thus development (Goodlad, 1983).

The history of the country has always discriminated against blacks among other minority groups. This implies that a majority of the wealthy are whites while a majority of the working class are blacks among other minority groups. The skewed nature of the tracking system as discussed above thus sustains racism in society. Most of the low track classes comprise of children from working-class African American families while the children in upper track classes come from the middle class and white families. Such is a skewed pattern this discourages the development of a homogeneous society even within the school system. Tracking offers schools with a method of naturalizing segregation owing to a number of demographic factors in the society key among which is economic might.

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