Write 5 pages with APA style on Autism and the Effects on Socialization.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Autism and the Effects on Socialization. However, one can recognize many unique changes or signs during the initial development stage of the autistic child. For instance, it is easier for a parent to notice the abnormal development behaviors of autistic children from abnormal ones. This is because many of them may fail to progress their&nbsp.motor skills, but&nbsp.advance&nbsp.cognitive skills. Therefore, learning may be difficult because autistic children fail to cope or socialize with others. thus making the learning environment difficult for them. Although autism affects socialization, earlier intervention programs are crucial to increase stimuli and psychological development behaviors.

Autism affects socialization and the data processing in the cerebellum through changing the nerve tissue. thus affecting the social and assimilating skills and articulation of the kid. Autism children have dissimilar behaviors. thus, when it comes to learning, many of them develop social and learning skills problems. The learning environment becomes difficult for them to cope up with teachers and peers because of socialization problems (Batshaw, Pellegrino, and Roizen, 2007). Therefore, many of them require a structured environment and intervention programs in order to adapt to the learning environment and improve their skills. For instance, children suffering from autism have difficulties in making eye contact, body language, they develop obsession or separate themselves from others and they have difficulties in initiating conversations.

Autism also affects the sensitivity and cognitive growth abilities of the kid. It also impacts sensor skills, verbal communication and this contributes to poor socialization with others. Language is grouped into two categories including expressive, which is the capacity to express thoughts into significant words, and expressive language skills (Rodriguez, 2011). However, autism impacts both of these language skills. thus making communication difficult. The child tends to literalize things that they communicate, and they may fail to recognize the true meaning of words unless one employs figurative speech. Therefore, teaching autistic children effectively and employing intervention programs will enable them to adapt to social situations.

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