Write 5 pages with APA style on Contemporary Issues in Western Religions.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Contemporary Issues in Western Religions. There are also five pillars of Islam, which are compulsory for every Muslim. These are ‘Kalima Tayyaba’ the authentication of faith, five prayers a day, fasting, Almsgiving or Zakat, and pilgrimage called Hajj (once in a lifetime). Contrary to what is portrayed, Islam is not an extremist religion. It does not teach the followers to submit themselves completely either to the religion or to the worldly affairs, but to take a middle road between them and take care of their worldly matters in accordance with the religion.

To Muslims, Jews and Christians are ‘People of The Book’ and are respected for it. Belief in Injil (The Gospel of Jesus) is very important to Muslims, and Jewish history is taught in Islam as its own (ReligionFacts, 2012). But still, Muslims believe that Jews and Christians have incorrect beliefs based on incomplete revelations. Jews believe that Islam and Christianity are wrongly interpreted as extended forms of Judaism. Christians consider Judaism as a religion with partial revelation but consider Islam to be a false religion.

Islam and Christianity were originated in the same geographical location, in the Middle East. Islam was founded in 622 CE in Arabia and Christianity in 33 CE in Palestine. Even though both Islam and Christianity believe in monotheism, Christian’s belief is slightly different. They believe in Trinity Monotheism which divides God into three sanctified persons and Jesus as the son of God. Muslims, however, believe that Jesus’ birth was a miracle and Mary was a Virgin yet they do not believe that Jesus is the son of God and that is considered as a Shirk in Islam. In spite of this, both belief in one God. The other spiritual entities in Islam and Christianity are angels and demons (and Jinns in Muslims). The humans who preach their respective religions are called prophets in Islam and Saints in Christianity. Regarding Jesus Muslims believe that he is a true prophet of God and his teachings were misinterpret, Jesus did not die but his spirit got lifted to the heavens and that he will become again but can not be resurrected as he did not die In the first place.

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