Write 5 pages with APA style on Political Fundamentalism.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Political Fundamentalism.

Their beliefs are of the utmost significance when they weigh the same in accordance with the teachings of Islam.However, what Sheraz feels is that this must come to an end and the thinking of the people has to change to start from the very beginning. This indeed will bring about a positive change, one that is not only for Pakistan’s betterment but also for the entire globe. Islamic militancy has done much harm to the whole world than could be estimated and it is about time these militants are taken to task and their harmful ways are brought to an end.

As discussed before, the religion of Islam does not preach hatred and in-fighting within Muslims. In all essence, the word ‘Islam’ means peace and tranquility. It is by no stretch of the imagination an opening for fighting, wars, and killings.Within this article by Sheraz, he has taken a hard line on the cleric who preaches about his own Islamic religion. He is known by the name of ‘Maulana Fazlullah’. This Maulana wants the Sharia to be enforced upon in a strict manner by the whole nation and for this, he is even ready to conduct massive wars on innocent people of Pakistan.

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He makes them fearful that he can destroy them if the Muslims of Pakistan do not obey his sayings and do not follow Islam as he deems fit for them. This is a classic case of a non-educated hard-line cleric blowing about his own trumpet, taking a stance which is opposed by the liberal leaders of the world, one such being his own President – General (Retd.) Pervez Musharraf. This Maulana is in complete disobedience to the law of the land and goes about closing shops that sell CDs and audio cassettes.

It is a fact that he has opened up his own radio station where he preaches Islam as he finds and understands it. The Pakistan Army has done everything possible to hunt down Maulana Fazlullah but to this day he remains hidden in the Northern parts of Pakistan. His close aides would never allow for revealing his secret hide-outs and this, at the end of the day is a problem that Islamic militancy is bringing with it to Pakistan, leave aside the whole world as a matter of fact.

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