Write 5 pages with APA style on Unplugging Philco.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Unplugging Philco. All that happened after this lead to the establishment of a strict order and control in the state in order to save the citizens from the threat of terrorism. The purpose of strict measures, total control, and bureaucracy seems reasonable: protection of common people from Australians but the results it gave turned out to be unpredictable: general paranoia and subsequent madness. Every little accident, as well as disease and crime, are explained by the cunning efforts of terrorists. The main hero dares to get out of his zone of comfort by unplugging himself from governmental surveillance and gets into the secret and extremely weird society of Unpluggers, people united by the idea of freedom and quiet life. The idea of Knipfel is not new. It looks like numerous conspiracy theorists and dystopian writers try to warn the population of the world about the consequences of the choices we make starting from growing consumerism, increasing powers of corporations and government manipulation. However, the author makes readers think about the price we pay for ignoring these tendencies and thus accepting them in our everyday life. So with this satirical novel “Unplugging Philco” Knipfel tries to show people how even the most unnoticeable attempt of understanding the reality and changing it can prevent a huge catastrophe.

Knipfel had a rather serious challenge to accomplish as a writer- to create the text that would become a new dystopia not parodying and not copying the ideas of great writers and he managed to do just concentrating on the époque. In the center of every dystopia, there is some decline in society involving either undesirable totalitarian regime, loss of humanity or excessive robotization and technological development. “Unplugging Philco” combines all these characteristic features but the most frightening is that it is depicting not-so-distant reality, it is possible to even say, tomorrow reality of civilization.&nbsp.

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