Write 5 pages with APA style on Why Living Together Is Important before Marriage.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Why Living Together Is Important before Marriage.

Using most creative, influential and great ancient and modern writers as a source base I will nevertheless remind of the opposite side of the issue which is the presence of some benefits concerning marriage without previous living together.E. Marriage is one of the most important components of society and a very significant part of any nation’s foundation. The question and problem of this presentation are essential because its significance won’t become any less important with time due to the nature of the relationship between opposite genders and our need to continue to exist as humans.II. My first point will be a description of the harmful influence that is done to the marriage if it’s not preceded by cohabitation and how the problems which could have been solved before marriage become the reasons for the serious problems in marriage.a. Most of the philosophers who talk about human relationships from the moral, ethical and simply humane perspective refer to the marriage as a friendly alliance that is settled for the benefit of both of its participants.

However, in the reality, such an idealistic concept rarely reflects the true nature of things. That is because a lot of young and unprepared, immature people who fall in love blindly and deeply decide to marry but when the first effects of love go away they have nothing to rely on. What they should rely on is the friendship because any sensual love, even the most strong one with time will most probably become abate and even vanish.b. Love is a complex thing as well as human social relationships altogether.

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They exist in the sphere of spiritual, moral and soul values and so it is hard to talk about them in the form of research because life itself is not a laboratory experiment.c. People who marry without previous living together statistically more often commit divorces than those who have a cohabitation experience. It is obvious though more and more people continue to make the same mistake. Molier said that love is often the fruit of marriage and I can’t disagree with him because friendship must precede marriage while marriage should help people to better understand each other and have love as a wife and husband which is right for the upbringing of possible children (Gaines 2002).