Write 6 pages with APA style on A Theoretical Framework.

Write 6 pages with APA style on A Theoretical Framework. The weaknesses of a theoretical framework that is built on a universal notion of gender include gender discrimination. In this case, if a specific gender, male or female, is universality viewed as weak, for example, females, such a gender will be discriminated universally in every society because such a notion is usually believed to be a fact. The other weakness of a theoretical framework that is built around the idea of gender is that it hinders self-expression and individual strengths. In this case, individuals may fear to come out publicly and express themselves because of fear of the way the society might perceive them.

For example, the African woman is believed to be inferior to the man and is only supposed to care for the family. Such a woman may hardly express herself, and interests in the society, especially political ambitions. In Africa, women rarely stand out in the community for political or educational reasons because they can rarely succeed as almost everyone believes that that is not their role because of gender. Domestic labour among girl children has also hurt school performance among girls. They are expected to help their mothers as they learn the parts of motherhood instead of fully concentrating on education.

Kinship and the Understanding of Gender

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Kinship is the study of links between different people that is based on descent, adoption or marriage (Vigdis, n. d.). Kinship has been a domain of definition in anthropological investigations since it was incepted in the late 19th century. Significant paradigmatic changes in anthropology like feminism, cultural turn and political economy made Kinship to undergo many restructuring phases.&nbsp. Intricate complexities in the system of Kinship were considered necessary in the understanding of societies that were not from the west. Anthropological studies of Kinship have been used to help in the sense of gender as well as new forms of family, genetic development, lesbian and gay movements.

Because of the situations presented to them by such a framework, members of the same gender learn to love and help each other in society. For example, men may learn to work together and help each other as they strive for financial resources to support their families.

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