Write 7 pages thesis on the topic contemporary communications media.

. A television show or a magazine provides the society with symbols. Print-based media, such as magazines, require a form of thinking that is chronological, linear and one that is different from what others think, whereas the electronic media, such as television, often depend on other media and the users of the media, other than being simultaneous and organic.

The new media, through its mediation, affects lifestyles and social relations since it has the ability to communicate sounds, images and other information forms with relative promptness across the globe (Cammaerts et al. 2012). On the other hand, public sphere refers to a social life area where people pool together in their bid to influence political actions through the discussion and identification of any social problems that they face, as defined by Habermas. Intrinsically, a common judgment is reached through the discussion of matters of mutual interest. Media is of much relevance in the public sphere, both in its constitution and maintenance. This is evident in the ability of media to gather people together with the intent of preventing these people from falling over each other (Elliott 2014). Through the contemporary communications media, the eradication of social conflicts is with much ease.

The analysis of mediation in communication media depends on how a given medium brings about social changes. Media theorists try to analyze the capabilities and limitations of a given medium. The structure of a given medium’s analysis shows how it hinders the application of the medium and how the social actors work against and within this structure. As researchers have argued, since Aristotle until towards the end of the nineteenth century, there was no issue of media raised in relation to the purview of communication. Poetic Aristotle is viewed as the first to point out a link between communication and&nbsp.creation by posing an argument that the fine arts are based on the concept of mimesis as opposed to communication, given their inherent nature. It is only after the contents of a media are permuted to another medium when the initial medium becomes detectable. In other words, people become aware of the parameters of an original medium after another medium focus on them (Cammaerts et al. 2012).

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