Write 8 pages thesis on the topic importance of being on time in the u.s army.

. It is important to understand that habits a soldier develops while in training may likely be reflected in the battlefield when they have fully graduated to a soldier. If one develops the habit of going late for training this may happen during real combat. An instance may arise when soldiers, for example, needs backup team, since one was used in going late for training, they may also fail to realize it and turn up late and by the time that person turns up for the call, time is much spent. This is dangerous since the unit on the ground might be subdued owing to the fact the commander of the backup team, failed to appear on time. That is why it is important to be on time so that on develops and natures that culture for a soldier who exhibits this aspect of military life has high chances of surviving during combat.

Reporting on time is very important as it eases and reduces anxiety. This is because all soldiers are expected to report to their squad leaders. Through this reporting, the NCO and the rest of the command chain are able to ensure that all soldier is at the right place and time. If all soldiers appear on time, it will be easy to know which are missing and a follow up may be made to find out why they are missing. In doing so, it will be easy to find out if a soldier is missing or not. If one however does not appear on time, yet they are well, it may bring confusion and other soldiers may start wondering where the person is. Such confusion and frustrations are dangerous to the unit for failure to report to the leader may bring in the assumption of one is injured, hurt or has simply taken and AWOL (Akin, 4).

The formation that is usually done in the morning is one of the most important formations for that particular day. It is through this formation that the chain of command is able to know the missing soldier. If the soldier who is on the charge that particular day fails to&nbsp.provide a list of all soldiers, then he or she will have a lot of troubles and so will the chain of command. This is because. this morning formation enables higher command to assign duties to soldiers.&nbsp.

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