Write a 5 pages paper on communication and health promotion.

Write a 5 pages paper on communication and health promotion.

Some of the stories may also act as eye-openers in discerning the best practices necessary for transforming the health behavior of the masses.&nbsp. Emotion-provoking messages through the media can assist in enhancing discussion and agenda setting on numerous topics associated with health. Public engagement assists in enlightening the public on the detailed concepts of many competing health-harmful information. Mass media advocacy can play an eminent role in enhancing the adherence of the public to health policies and behavioral changes.

Mass media exposes high proportions of large populations to various health messages through channels such as newspapers, radio, and television (Ewles and Simnet, 2003).However, the media campaigns may backfire or fail to serve the intended expectations. Some of the factors that cause such situations include inadequate funding, unfavorable media environment, and the use of inadequately researched information. Additionally, the campaigns may address the health behaviors that the public might perceive challenging to change.

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For instance, campaigns on an improved diet to curb nutritional ailments may be inefficient if the public cannot afford the recommended changes. However, exposure to such messages is normally passive and non-permanent. The mass media is also competing with pervasive marketing of products as well as deep-rooted behaviors such as addiction (Block et al., 2002. Corcoran, 2007). Owing to their positive contribution to the dissemination of health information to the public, mass media should be applied as a prominent component of the mainstream strategy applied in transforming the health behavior of the public.

Other strategies that can enhance its effectiveness include sufficient funding, sound research&nbsp.before conveying it to the public and ensuring adequate access to promoted products and services.

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