Write a 5 pages paper on offensive-neorealism as the international political theory.Write a 5 pages paper on offensive-neorealism as the international political theory.

Write a 5 pages paper on offensive-neorealism as the international political theory.

The offensive-neorealist approach is the only realistic approach in explaining international relations and the most appropriate International political theory.Offensive neorealism argues that states are principally concerned with maximizing their power in order to preempt any threat from other states. Mearsheimer offers a discussion on how states “care deeply about the balance of power and compete among themselves either to gain power…or make sure they do not lose power” (77).

As offensive realists argue, the structure of “competition for power” encourages states to maximize their share of world power. This maximization comes in terms of “pursuing hegemony which tends to intensify security competition” (77). This means that states are in a constant struggle to dominate other states since they ensure maximum security by maximizing this power. One of the strengths of offensive neorealism theory is that it has directed its focus on these differentials of power between states.

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Offensive neorealism directs its main focus on the analysis of great powers arguing that great powers are the only ones capable of moving first in the international power struggle.Mearsheimer applies the offensive-neorealist approach to explaining the current situation at the international level where China is seen to be increasingly becoming a global power in its own right (88). He further argues that it makes good strategic sense for states such as China and the United States to gain much power and pursue hegemony.

According to offensive neorealists such as Mearsheimer, domination is the only way a state can gain overwhelming power in order to ensure its survival. Offensive neorealists are right to argue that in its rise, China will imitate the USA in its attempt to become a regional hegemon in Asia. In addition, China is likely to “push US military forces out of Asia….in the same way, the USA pushed European states out of the Western&nbsp.hemisphere” (Mearsheimer 89). In conclusion, Mearsheimer argues that such policy goals make good strategic sense.

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